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Top 10 Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse or Raw Food Detox

  1. You want to feel better.
  2. You want to look better.
  3. You want to have more energy!
  4. You want to lose a few extra pounds.
  5. You want to make healthier lifestyle choices.
  6. You want to detoxify – mind, body and soul.
  7. You want to heal digestive issues.
  8. You want to prevent and heal degenerative disease.
  9. You want to develop a healthy relationship with food.
  10. You want to take control of your health!


  1. 3-22-2013

    Great Post! A Juice Cleanse no only detoxifies the whole body, juice cleansing gives the liver a chance to reduce its workload and as a result it will work better too. The liver is a primary organ for carrying out the process of detoxification on a regular basis. Giving it a rest now and again will only help it to help you keep a clean body. As well opting for juice cleansing and allowing your liver to rest gives the added benefit of an improvement in your skin as well as more mental clarity.

  2. 5-29-2013

    Thanks for sharing this. I agree with Erin. But remember if it is alcohol or drug detox, it is also important to do rehabilitation after.

  3. 5-3-2014

    I am trying to find the Kale chips(Nacho Cheesy)! I would like to know where in my area I can buy them. You obviously do not sell them on your website,hoping you can help me out! Thanking you in advance, Kathy Hodges

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