List of Veggies & Fruit for next week’s Organic Produce Shares

List of Veggies & Fruit for next week’s Organic Produce Shares

Twice a month, our chef curates some of the best Organic produce available, giving you a balanced selection of local foods, kitchen staples, and even tropical fruits – in other words, great foods that your family will actually eat. You can SAVE up to $30 or more over grocery store prices when you order an Organic Produce Share from New Family Naturals! You get additional savings (10%) when you order a Seasonal, Fall Share (September-November).

You will get a selection of 8-12 different types of fruits and vegetables every week, and no two shares will ever be exactly alike.

We are excited to announce the tentative list of food you can expect for the first round of pickups below. Some substitutions may necessary depending on availability, but everyone will get the same foods whether you are getting a Full Share or a Half Share. The only difference is that full shares are meant to feed 4 or more people and half shares are meant for two.


Tentative Organic Produce List for Sept 6 & 7, 2013



Vine-Ripe Tomatoes (locally grown)


Kale (locally grown)

Sweet Corn (locally grown – tentative)

Salad Greens

Bananas (fair trade)

Watermelon (locally grown)

Pink Cripps Apples


Bonus Item! (A freebie, brought to you by Old Town Suds – an awesome, eco-friendly small business based in Alexandria, VA)


The first Shares of produce will be available for pick up beginning September 6th and 7th (Friday and Saturday) of next week. You have until midnight, this Sunday, September 1st to get in on the first round of Organic Produce Shares. You can still order single shares after next week, and throughout the season; however, this is your last chance to save 10% by ordering a Fall Share (3 month’s worth of produce).


See you next week!



Plant-Based Chef

Founder, Team NFN

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